Lubbock Housing Authority


Section 8 is a federal assistance program to help low-income people pay their rent. People with Section 8 vouchers find their own housing and pay a percentage of their income for rent. Section 8 pays the landlord the rest of the rent.

These are the steps involved in renting to a Section 8 tenant:

  • A family with a current Section 8 voucher views your apartment and wants to rent it.
  • You screen the tenants to make sure they are suitable.
  • You agree to lease to the tenants and contact the Section 8 office for approval.
  • The Section 8 office checks to make sure the family can afford the rent, the rent is reasonable compared to other rents in the community, and the lease is acceptable.
  • The Section 8 office sends an inspector to check your apartment to make sure it meets program standards.
  • After the apartment passes inspection, the Section 8 office sends you a contract to sign.
  • You sign the contract with Section 8 and sign the lease with your tenants, and the family moves in.
  • The family pays its portion of the rent and Section 8 pays the rest.