What are Inspections?

The items listed below are the most common items that result in the inspection failing and requiring re-inspection. Addressing them in advance will significantly reduce the need for reinspection of the property.

  • Windows must open, close and lock.
  • No broken windows.
  • Screens must be present on windows designed to open. Screens should be seated properly and not have holes or tears.
  • When door is closed, no light should be visible anywhere around the edges. Weatherstrip to seal.
  • No leaks under the sinks.
  • All faucets must operate correctly.
  • Smoke alarms must operate when tested.
  • Bathroom vents must work or functioning window must be present.
  • Property free of junk, debris, old furniture, broken appliances.
  • If dishwasher is present, it must operate properly.
  • If garbage disposal is present, it must operate properly.
  • No broken outlets switch plates or cover plates.
  • No bare wires, exposed wires or frayed wiring.
  • No peeling paint.
  • All interior doors must be securely hinged and operate properly.
  • Door frames must be sound and secure. Strike plates should be present and correctly installed.
  • Door handles and locks must work, deadbolt locks on exterior doors No signs of insect or rodent infestation.
  • Stove should be clean and completely functional. All burners and oven working correctly.
  • Refrigerator must be clean and function properly. Gasket seals tightly, no broken or missing shelves/drawers.
  • All flooring must be in good condition – no holes or tears, must be clean
  • All fencing must be in good condition – no missing pickets, gates must be properly hung
  • Home must be clean and sanitary

We appreciate the opportunity work with you in providing safe, decent and affordable housing to the residents of Lubbock.

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